When a new player creates a nation, they are presented with a tutorial and a series of objectives they must complete in sequential order. Some, such as #21 (Like the Facebook Page) are optional, but most need to be completed by the player to progress.


Number Objective
1 Edit Your Nation's Description
2 Update your Nation's Policies
3 Find the Nation ""Mountania""
4 Create a Trade Offer
5 Embargo a Nation
6 Send a Message
7 View Your Dossier
8 View the Changelog
9 Visit Discord Server
10 Visit Notifications Page
11 Visit Account Page
12 Read the Game Rules
13 Create a Baseball Team
14 Host a Baseball Game
15 Visit the Alliance Recruitment Page
16 Join an Alliance
17 Build a New City
18 Customize Military
19 Recruit 5,000 Soldiers
20 Manufacture 25 Tanks
21 Like the P&W Facebook Page
22 Stockpile 250 Munitions
23 Stockpile 150 Gasoline
24 Recruit 10,000 Soldiers
25 Build a Third City
26 Change Cover Image
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