This alliance was annexed into Rose and Resplendent (2nd) on March 14, 2017.


Obelisk Flag
Flag of Obelisk

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Basic Details
Founded December 7, 2016
Headquarters South America
Color Purple
Status Defunct
Chancellor Park
Minister of Internal Affairs Ockey5
Minister of Military Affairs Master
Minister of Economic Affairs Lank
As of January 8, 2017
Total Nations 48
Score 38000+
Average Score 800+
Alliance Rank 27
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDP Rose
MDP Polaris
Protector The United Empire

Obelisk was a purple team alliance located in South America. It was founded on December 7, 2016 as a result of the merge of Oblivion and Resplendent Inc. It later merged into Rose on March 14, 2017.

Current Government Edit

The Supreme Council Edit

Chancellor: Park

The Council of Ministers Edit

Minister of Internal Affairs: Ockey5
Minister of Economic Affairs: Lank
Minister of Military Affairs: Master

Governors Edit

Governor of Internal Affairs: haydentoo
Governor of Economic Affairs: Paston
Governor of Foreign Affairs: Unlimited
Governor of Military Affairs: Xonera

Treaties Edit

Current Edit

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