Date January 21, 2017 - January 22, 2017
Casus belli LoI raids on OWR
Result League of Imperialists surrenders and merges into Valkyrie
Preceded by
War on Democracy
Succeeded by
SK-TEst War

Order of the White Rose Flag.png
Order of the White Rose

Albania Flag.png
League of Imperialists

Border Sval

Border Cameron7778

23 members
15,658 score
40 members
10,619 score

The OWR-LoI War, known in OWR as the Fourteen Hour War, was a conflict between the Order of the White Rose and the League of Imperialists.


Sval, the leader of OWR declared war on the LoI due to repeated raids on OWR by a member of LoI's government, Atticus. The war concluded fourteen hours later with the formal apology and surrender of League of Imperialists. They disbanded and merged into Valkyrie several hours later. 

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