Nuclear Weapons are advanced items that are used in wartime. They are excellent at destroying large amounts of infrastructure in very large cities and destroy 2 improvements. Nukes lower your opponent's resistance by 25. They also create 400 pollution in the target city that decays over the next 11 days. Like Missiles, nukes need a national project to be built and can destroy Power Plant improvements. The Vital Defense System project has a 20% chance of preventing the nuke from doing damage. Nations can have unlimited nuclear weapons, but may only build one a day.

Cost, Upkeep and Required ResourcesEdit

Nuclear weapons are the most expensive unit. First, a nation must build the Nuclear Research Facility to create nukes. The project costs $50,000,000, 5,000 steel, and 7,500 gasoline to construct. Nuclear weapons cost $1,750,000, 250 uranium, 500 gasoline, and 700 aluminum to make. They have a daily upkeep cost of $35,000 in peacetime $52,500 in wartime. Nuclear weapons do not require any resources to launch, but they do cost 12 Military Action Points to launch.

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