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Nuclear Raidmas
Date Dec. 18-21, 2016
Casus belli Arrgh raids on Alpha and alleged support for DON'T PANIC
Result White peace
Preceded by
Vassal Liberation War
Succeeded by
Dio's War on Christmas

Polaris War Flag.png
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Fark Flag.jpg

Arrgh Raidmas Flag.png
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Terminus Est
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Roz Wei


Polaris War Flag.png AlmightyGrub
Alpha Flag.jpg Placentica
Fark Flag.jpg Slick Johnson
Fark Flag.jpg Kosmo

Arrgh Raidmas Flag.png DragonK
Terminus Est Flag.png Prefontaine
Roz Wei Flag.png Rozalia

147,487.05 NS
93 members
346,047.69 NS
154 members

Nuclear Raidmas was a conflict which began on December 18, 2016 when Polaris, Alpha, and Fark declared war on Arrgh. White peace was declared between the combatants a few days later on December 21, 2016.


Alpha's involvement in the war resulted from raids by Arrgh admirals on Alpha nations, as well as espionage operations in support of DON'T PANIC in the Panic in Robot House. Arrgh claimed that the raids were unsanctioned and that they had agreed not to defend the counters against them. Alpha claimed that this was not enough, and that Arrgh should pay reparations for the raids, to which Arrgh disagreed.


Shortly after the conflict's initiation, Terminus Est declared war on Alpha in defense of Arrgh. The following day, Roz Wei declared war on Fark in defense of Arrgh.

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