Nuclear Weapons (Nukes): Nukes destroy more than 1,000 infrastructure in a city (if available) and 2 improvements (of ANY kind). However, in contrast to the case of Missile attacks, you cannot choose what kind of improvements shall be destroyed.

Like Missiles, nukes need a national project to be built: Nuclear Research Facility. The Vital Defense System project has a 20% chance of preventing the nuke from doing damage.

Nations can have unlimited nuclear weapons, but you can only build one a day. They do not cost any resources to use.


Due to Radiation, they also create 400 Pollution in the target city that decays over the next 10 days. A nuclear attack increases the radiation globally and affects the food production of nations. Global radiation can be tracked here, at the “Radiation” tab of the “World” menu.

Infrastructure Damage Edit

The base formula for infrastructure damage is:

Infrastructure Destroyed = MAX( MIN( RAND(1700, MAX(2000, City's Population Density * 13.5)), City's Infrastructure * 0.8 + 150), 0)

Modifiers for War Type and War Policy are factored after the base calculation.

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