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Novo São Paulo is a small coastal nation in South America led by Czar Gabriel Lins

Novo São Paulo

Sao Poulo Flag (5).png Flag of Novo São Paulo

Radiant of The Knights Radiant
Basic Information
Color Orange
National Statistics
Government Type Constitutional Monarchy.png Constitutional Monarchy
Social Policies Conservative.png Conservative
Economy Far Right.png Far Right
Religion Christianity
Currency São Real
Military Strength
Military name Royal Sãõ Forces
Stadium: Lafayette Field
Team: Knights
National Capital Qvão
Other Cities Qvão, Boulder, Boa Planícies, Markão, São Lucas, Great Oasis, Pencunia Basin City, Azaque


The history of Novo São Paulo is long and complicated, as it started as the Brazilia Province in the Southeast Commonwealth of the Colorado Alta Empire. After 145 years, the empire collapsed due to overwhelming wars and economic crashes.

After the collapse of the CAE the people of Atlitaca moved to what was the capital of the CAE and set up a new country called the Newland Federation, after realizing that having a navy would be an advantage in future wars, they moved west to what was the West Bay Area Commonwealth. Three years past and a capitalist uprising was taking place and the Rei agreed to it and the Capitalist Union was formed, 9 years past and the Capitalist Union changed, not collapsed, but changed, and the people moved southeast to form Novo São Paulo.

The people changed the nation from a federal republic to a constitutional monarchy, and set up new cities from around the remains of the cities of Rio and São Paulo, they scrapped the buildings to make better, more advanced buildings and cities, and eventually, the São-Rio Commonwealth of Novo São Paulo was fully established on January 25th, 2022.

Before entering an alliance, Novo São Paulo was an industrial nation with centrist ideals, it didn't do very well doing that, but later on, Novo São Paulo joined North Point, a fairly peaceful alliance. After a few weeks, São Paulo realized that North Point merged with the Enlightment, which then became the Children of the Light. After a few months, São Paulo left the CotL and joined the Knights Radiant, where it changed from an industrial nation with centrist ideals, to an economic nation with conservative ideals.

In Global War 16, São Paulo was being heavily attacked by members of Error 404 and it's allies, all the nation could do is missile strike, but in the end, Quack Sphere ended up losing the war.

Later on, in Global War 17, São Paulo was one of the first nations on standby and one of the first to blitz, it won it's first few wars, but it just went downhill from then on, but, it was a Quack Sphere victory, after this war, Quack Sphere and Swamp disbanded, hence the war's nickname; "The Last Ride".

Only just 4 IRL days later, Global War 18 started with a bang for Novo São Paulo, it started when nations on both the newly formed Hollywood Sphere blitzed Rose Sphere. This war was not a very good one for Novo São Paulo as it only had 4 IRL days to recover.

And on 02/25/2066 (In game date) Novo São Paulo had took it's first nuke, hitting the city of Meio Pais.


Christianity: 85%

Jewish: 14.2%

Other: 0.8%

National Facts

Continent: South America

Land Area: 41,583.74 sq. km

Terrain: Mountains, jungles, and grassland. The tallest peak is Pedra da Mina which is 2,798 meters tall. The lowest point is Pecunia Basin at 0 meters.

Climate: Cold in Winter, Warm in Spring, Hot in Summer, Cool in Fall/Autumn From March-October floods happen, luckily tall floodwalls are in place.


Population: 1.21 Million ~

Demonym: Sãõ (Singular) Sãõs (Plural)

Ethnic Groups:

Latino: 47.8%

White: 20.2%

Black: 9.7%


Portuguese: 45%

Atlaian English: 35%

Spanish: 20%

Life Expectation: 105 Years

Obesity: 20.5%

Alcohol Users: 54.8%

Tobacco Users: 7.1%

Cannabis Users: 2.8%

Hard Drug Users: 0.1%


Economic System: Protectionist Capitalism

Average Yearly Income: $500.29

GDP: $1,239,478,615.00

GDP per capita: $1,104.99

GNI: $380,868,740.00

Exports: None, São Paulo can provide it's own money through it's income

Imports: Mostly raw material and sometimes gasoline and munitions

Past Experience

North Point:

Role: Member

Start: Feb 2020

End: April 2020

The Enlightenment:

Role: Member

Start: April 2020

End: May 2020

Children of the Light:

Role: Member

Start: May 2020

End: September 2020

The Knights Radiants:

Role: Member

Start: September 2020


The full name of Novo São Paulo is "São-Rio Commonwealth of Novo São Paulo"

Novo São Paulo was named after the Brazilian state of São Paulo, which was named after Apostle Paul.

The "São-Rio Commonwealth" part is in the name because the nation has land from both Rio and São Paulo.