Nova Roma

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Flag of Nova Roma

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Basic Details
Founded September 28, 2020
Status Active
Discord Server Join Here
Emperor Simmons
Consul Xavior
Duke of IA Chimpy_Fire
Duke of MA Ant
Duke of FA Leadership
Duke of EA KingTurtle
As of 11/30/2020
Total Nations 31
Score 36,747.18
Average Score 1,185.39
Alliance Rank 66
Active Blocs
Protectorate of The Swamp
Active Treaties
Protectorate of The Lost Empire

Nova Roma (NR) is an aqua team alliance founded on September 28, 2020. The alliance is based on a new Roman Empire.

This alliance was formed by the members Simmons (Emperor), Xavior (Consul), and Chimpy_Fire (IA Duke). All founding members are from TLE.


"Cowards die many times before their actual deaths" - Julius Caesar

In-game Link


Nova Roma's charter was published on September 28, 2020 and lays the foundation for law and leadership within the Empire.

Nova Roma consists of six government hierarchies: Emperor, who leads the Empire; Consul, who assists the Emperor and assumes the role of Interim Emperor in the event the Emperor needs a leave of absence or in the absence of an Emperor; Duke, leads a government department; Count, who assists a Duke. Baron, base level departmental staff. And Patrician, a government trainee role.


Nova Roma was a protectorate under TLE during 'Alexio, Play Despacito' against Arrgh.

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