This alliance has disbanded as of June 3, 2019. More information is available here.

Nova Riata

Nova Riata Flag
Flag of Nova Riata

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Basic Details
Founded 21st September, 2018
Headquarters Europe
Color Brown
Status Defunct
Discord Server Join Here
Overking Pooball
Hand of the Overking Uriah the Fox
Viceroy of the Armada Jim Bean
Lords of the Sea Ryan I, Apple Boom, Ar Gd,

Viselli, Boiii, Fox, Njordor

As of 16th May, 2019
Total Nations 26
Score 32,213.54
Average Score 1,238.98
Alliance Rank 58
Active Blocs
Active Treaties

Basic Info Edit

Nova Riata was a thalassocracy whose main focus is trade and economic growth while keeping a strong naval standing in the Orbis world. In order to protect our interest across Orbis we invest highly in our defensive military strength and quick response to any who dare attack our members, we will give no quarter. Inspiration comes from the old Gaelic maritime kingdom of Dál Riata.

History Edit


Nova Riata was formed on the 21st of September, 2018 after a few weeks of collaboration between Animation Domination gov members Pooball, Jim Bean, and Uriah the Fox, setting ties with The Knights Radiant to ensure their safety. After formation members started to flow in, quickly raising Nova Riata to rank 48 in less than a month.


Soon after breaking the top 50, Nova Riata was in a dire situation when their protector The Knights Radiant was hit by a coalition of Syndicate and Inquisition alliances, marking the beginning of a Global war. Nova was soon dragged in after a blitz led by Pantheon (along with many others) the day after.

Nova riata war flag

The Official Nova Riata War Flag

Nova Riata stuck through with their protector through the entire war, even claiming victory over TCE, who declared on Nova late in the war, and White Peace with Sirius shortly before their collapse. Eventually Nova Riata admitted defeat along with TKR and friends after 104 days of war


Nova Riata is scheduled to be disbanded on the 3rd of June, 2019 after a scandal involving doxing after their leader, Pooball was found guilty of exploiting a recourse glitch for which he was banned.

 Notable Conflicts Edit

War Combatants Description Outcome
Knightfall Panth + Sirius + Typhon + Godfury vs Nova Riata Nova Riata was successfully blitzed by the aforementioned coalition, with the CB being that they were protected by The Knights Radiant.This war lasted 104 days and was the longest Global war at the time. Defeat
Knightfall TCE front Nova Riata vs The Crimson Entente The Crimson Entente declares war against Nova Riata in response to Nova counters against TCE for raiding Tesla Victory
The Great Sock War Nova Riata and The Federation vs Pantheon Preemptive strike from Pantheon expecting an attack from Nova Riata as Nova built up its military in an act of revenge for the events of Knightfall De jure defeat, de facto victory
Chaos War Nova + Chaos Bloc vs KETOGG De jure defeat
Nova's Cheat Day Orbis vs Nova Riata A large variety of alliances blitz Nova Riata after they were caught cheating and exploiting. Defeat

Public Announcements Edit

Nova Riata DoE

Nova Riata and Statesmen RoH with Pantheon and Co.

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