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Notifications is a mechanic used so that players can be informed by the game system about activities related to their nation.

At the "Notifications" page players can view notification updates related to various activities. Activities notifications are sent when:

  • System activity
    • You receive a cash bonus for your daily log-in.
  • Trade activity
    • One of your trade offers gets accepted.
    • A player sends a trade offer to you.
    • A player cancels a trade offer sent to you.
    • You redeem a credit for cash or resources.
  • War activity
    • A player declares war on you.
    • A player attacks your nation (the results of Ground Battles, Airstrikes, Naval Battles, Missiles launch and Nuclear Attacks are presented).
    • A player defeats your nation.
    • A player loots your alliance bank as a result of defeating you at war.
    • A player you are at war with makes a peace offer.
    • A player you are at war with accepts your peace offer.
  • Bank activity
    • A player sends directly to your nation cash or resourcees through a bank.
  • Espionage activity
    • A nation executes an espionage operation against your country (regardless of whether the spies were detected or not).
    • You successfully gather intelligence about another nation.
  • Embargo activity
    • Your nation is embargoed by another player.
    • An embargo imposed on your nation comes to an end.
  • OBL activity
    • You host a baseball match.
    • One of your players retire.

At the top of the page is your Recent Activity: a composite view of the last 125 activity records. You can then see the last 125 records in each individual category further down the page as well.

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