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Not Ending Piracy
Part of the Alliance Wars
Date July 1, 2020 - July 8, 2020 (TKR declare white peace)

- July 26, 2020 (end of hostilities)

Casus belli TKR - Arrgh raids against its protectorate.

Arrgh - TKR attacking counters from Arrgh.

TKR & Arrgh - for fun and testing the new war mechanics.

Result White peace, with select pirates continuing to fight/raid afterwards
Collapse in the Mines 2.0
Succeeded by
Global War 15

The Knights Radiant Flag.png
The Knights Radiant

The Imperium.jpg
The Imperium
Chocolate Castle.png
Chocolate Castle

Arrgh Flag.png


The Knights Radiant Flag.png Benfro

The Imperium.jpg Lord Vader

Oceania.png Wulfharth

Chocolate Castle.png Menhera

Chocolate Castle.png Lossi

Arrgh Flag.png Zim

193 nations 67 nations
Casualties and losses

As of July 27th


As of July 27th

Not Ending Piracy was a conflict between The Knights Radiant together with its protectorates (The Imperium, Oceania, and Chocolate Castle) against the pirate alliance Arrgh.

The war started minutes before update on the 1st of July 2020, when TKR and its allies declared over 50 wars on Arrgh in the initial blitz, with more wars being declared in the next few days. Arrgh responded the following day by declaring over 60 wars of its own, with many more wars being declared over the following weeks in retaliation. 

On the 8th of July, white peace was declared stating that all existing wars were to be played out. It was agreed that no new wars would be declared by TKR and their allies and that Arrgh would return to "usual pirate business".

After that point, the war was de-escalated considerably, with some pirates continuing the conflict as "retribution" to TKR and its protectorates. The last conflicts ended on the 26th of July.