Northern Avalon

Cornerstone Flag Flag of Northern Avalon

Emperor Max Wells
Member of Cornerstone
Basic Information
Founded 10/18/1989
Color Purple
National Statistics
Government Type Fascist Fascist
Economy Far Right Far Right
Civilians 676,867
Area 4902 sq miles mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 138/sq mile people per mi²
Military Strength
Nation Rank 614
Score 520
Infantry 50000
Tanks 483
Aircraft 90
Ships 5
Nuclear Warheads 0
National Capital Avalon City
Other Cities Wells Harbor, New York City, District of Peace, District of Wealth, District of Honor

History: Northern Avalon was founded October 10, 1989 (Orbis Time). They have been involved in 7 wars with other nations, all of which have ended in victory. Northern Avalon is a devout member of Cornerstone, and joined Politics and War through the CCC in CyberNations. (Cornerstone is the CCC, but in Politics and War). Northern Avalon also took part in the Assault on Mensa HQ by Cornerstone during the Great VE War. Recently a technical institute was established in Northern Avalon, withhopes of starting a technical revolution and hopes of making greater weapons.

Avalonian university

Avalonian Technical Institute of Science

The Technical Revolution: Newer weapons developed at Avalonian Technical Institute of Science (ATIOS) 

The Tank was developed by Avalonian scientists following designs passed on by Cornerstone engineers. (3 Orbis years ago)

The Aircraft was developed by Avalonian scientists following their own design. (2 Orbis years ago)

The Avalonian missile program is planned to launch in about 1-2 months.


-War with the Philippines: Northern Avalon faced off against The Philippines, a raider. Victory. (4 (Orbis) years ago)

-War with South Korea: Northern Avalon faced off against South Korea, a raider. Victory.(2 (Orbis) years ago)

WWI gas

Northern Avalon soldiers fighting Mensa HQ.

-Wars with Mensa HQ (during the Great VE War). Northern Avalon loots 2-3 million$ from Mensa HQ. All victories. (about 1 (Orbis) year ago)

WWI machine gun

Northern Avalon soldiers in action facing the soldiers of Occifer (Mensa HQ)

Affiliations: Member of Cornerstone, Cornerstone has MDP with Viridian Entente. Northern Avalon is a supporter of the Dutch East India Company, and looks very favorably upon them. Northern Avalon looks favorably on Rose and UPN, as well the Syndicate. 

Operation Traxex

Operation Traxex landing(Avalonian soldiers fighting Mensa HQ nation)

Other: Christian Nation with fascist military policies and conservative social policies. Balanced economic policies.

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