North Pacifica

Mainflag.png Flag of North Pacifica

War Flag
Advisory Council of The Fighting Pacifists
Basic Information
Color White
National Statistics
Government Type Dictatorship.png Dictatorship
Social Policies Conservative.png Conservative
Economy Left.png Left
Religion Voodoo
Currency Bitcoin
Military Strength
Military name North Pacifica Militia
Stadium: Andrex Field
Team: Renegades
National Capital District I
Other Cities District II, District III, District IV, District V, District VI, District VII, District VIII, District IX, District X, District XI, District XII, District XIII, District XIV, District XV

North Pacifica (formerly known as North Androssan) is a war-torn nation on the continent of South America led by Warlord Velyni Vas.


North Pacifica (formerly North Androssan) was founded officially in 1776 by explorers scouting terrain near the Gulf of Central America. Named after Albert Androssan, a converted pirate, well-known blacksmith and decorated war General with ties to the Freemasons and Knights Templar from South Androssan in Central America, who on a voyage sailed upon an uncharted landmass.

After landfall and temporary encampment, General Albert Androssan realized the opportunity and money that could be made from the nations waterways for easy trade to smuggle goods in and out of the area. He migrated infantry, military firearms, and ships from South Androssan and laid claim to the land.

Through time his time as a Communist Dictator he was a topic of controversy. From hanging traitors, thieves, and those who opposed him publicly to firing squad executions to make examples out of war prisoners, he was only supported by those who feared him. Many met in secrecy to conspire against removing him even many of his own military and closest allies.

Ultimately, Albert Androssan met his demise during a massive Civil War that broke out in 1789. Armed militia and those within his own forces rushed upon the Andrex Ministry of Defense building where he was in a meeting and took him by force. He was taken to Masonic Square in the heart of downtown Androssan City in front of the Congress building and publicly executed in front of witnesses for war crimes committed against his own people. This action was under instruction from General Samuel Tallmadge who took over as the first President of the Confederacy of North Androssan.

Following North Androssan's departure from the Independent Republic of Orange Nations, the government voted on a completely new identity. In an unanimous vote on April 28th, 2021 the nation was renamed to North Pacifica. All cities were reclassified as Districts.

On April 28th, 2021 President Velyni Vas officially announced that the nation would be joining The Fighting Pacifists in a bulletin that can be viewed here.


The main religion in North Pacifica is currently Voodoo.

Nation Facts

Continent: South America
Land Area: 28,968.12 sq. km

Terrain: Much of the nation's lands were formed from sediment washed down the Andrex river, leaving enormous deltas and vast areas of coastal marsh and swamp. This makes North Androssan a thriving area for wildlife and outdoorsman. In more elevated areas, fire is a natural process in the landscape and has produced extensive areas of pine forests and wet savanna.

Highest Peak: Luxil Mountain, 163 meters
Lowest Valley: Androssan City, -3 meters

Climate: Pacifica has a humid subtropical climate with long, hot, humid summers and short, mild winters. This makes it a tourist destination during the fall and winter months to escape the colder areas to the North of the continent.

Rain is frequent throughout the year, although from April to September is slightly wetter than the rest of the year, which is the Nation's heaviest rainfall timeframe. Thunderstorms are likely many days, sometimes without much warning as pressure systems and storms move across the Gulf of Central America from the south.

Summers in southern North Pacifica have high temperatures from June through September averaging 92 °F or more, and overnight lows averaging above 76 °F. The humid, thick, jungle-like heat in North Pacifica can cripple tourism through these months. However, natives use this time for fishing as this is the prime season for crabbing, crawfish, and alligator hunting.

Temperatures are generally warm in the winter in the southern part of the nation, with highs around 66 °F. The northern part of the nation is mildly cool in the winter, with highs averaging 59 °F . The overnight lows in the winter average well above freezing throughout the nation, with 46 °F, but during low pressure systems seeing minor snowfall is not uncommon.

North Pacifica is often affected by hurricanes and is very vulnerable to strikes during the height of hurricane season. The unique geography of the region, with the many bayous, marshes and inlets, can result in water damage across a wide area from major hurricanes. Flooding is a major concern throughout the south regions of the nation as many of the areas reside below sea-level. With the wetlands surrounding the nation slowly deteriorating, hurricane damage becomes more and more intense as the years go on.

People and Society

Population: 2,187,647 people
Demonym: Pacifican
Demonym Plural: Pacificans
Ethnic Groups: White - 67.5%, French - 20.1%, Black - 12.4%
Languages: English - 91.7%, Creole - 9.3%, Mandarin - 2.9%
Religions: Voodoo - 67.1%, Catholic - 31.8%, Christianity - 1.1%
Life Expectancy: 70 years
Obesity: 14.9%
Alcohol Users: 84.3%
Tobacco Users: 12.6%
Cannabis Users: 2.5%
Hard Drug Users: 0.2%


Average Yearly Income: $149.08
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $1,747,963,208.00
GDP per Capita: $799.01
Gross National Income (GNI): $56,493,605.00
Industries: Gasoline


Soldiers: 180,000
Tanks: 15,000
Aircraft: 900
Ships: 180
Missiles: 0
Nuclear Weapons: 0

Career Experience

Deployment History

Achievement Medals

NAP War Medal (IRON)

Graduation Award (TFP)

Global War 18 Medal (TFP)

Flag History

Official Flag

War Flag

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