Nordic Sea Raiders

Nordic Sea Raiders Flag
Flag of Nordic Sea Raiders

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Basic Details
Founded October 26, 2017
Headquarters Europe
Color Blue
Status Defunct
King Leif Erikson
Foreign Affairs Sun Yat-sen
Internal Affairs El Chapo
Military Affairs Ranctor
Jarls .
  • AlfredvonSchlieffen
  • Lord Buffington
  • El Chapo
  • Sun Yat-sen
Thanes .
  • Nevzet Topcagic
  • Blackbeard
  • Winter
As of April 26, 2018
Total Nations 26
Score 22,416.52
Average Score 700.52
Alliance Rank #50 of 218
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
NAP Animation Domination
NAP Pantheon

Nordic Sea Raiders is a paperless Alliance formed on October 26, 2017 after Forum drama and several raids from Stratagem which incurred a defensive war alongside Roz Wei.

Government Edit

The alliance has maintained the same government for an extensive period of time but due to their cohesion very little is known about any difference in organisation from others.

History Edit

Nordic Sea Raiders has a long history dating back to Sacrum Imperium Romanum and allegedly Iron Guard. This continues to haunt them and makes them by far one of the most controversial alliances in Orbis. The latter, Iron Guard being persecuted and forced to disband because of racist comments and actions.

Despite all this, they did however enjoy long periods of peace with Sacrum Imperium Romanum being successful for 80% of its existence and Nordic Sea Raiders participating in the Enclave bloc.

Wars Edit

Nordic Sea Raiders participated in several wars throughout their extended history [alongside Roz Wei and Acadia] with the largest being the Compass war [In which these allies had since split off and were not present]. They also fought in the Ayyslamic Crusade on the Non-IQ Coalition. Their most notable feat in said war was fighting Typhon, Kingsmen, and The United Empire of Zah'Aharon all at once, and forcing a surrender from the former two.

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