Nordic Dragon Accords

Brotherhood of the Clouds
Brotherhood of the Clouds Flag
Ragnarok Flag

Treaty Type: Protectorate Treaty
Treaty Signed: December 3, 2016
Treaty Status: Active

The Nordic Dragon Accords is a Protectorate Treaty signed between Brotherhood of the Clouds and Ragnarok on December 3, 2016.

Article I: Preamble

The alliances in question, Brotherhood of the Clouds and Ragnarok, have officially come together after a long relationship to create these accords, as a sign of friendship and mutual ambition.

Article II: Defense

The Brotherhood of the Clouds agrees to provide military, economic, and political protection to Ragnarok should it be deemed needed by the alliances in question. They will be aiding the growth of Ragnarok to the point they no longer need it. If the Brotherhood of the Clouds enters a war, the other signatory is encouraged to enter the war in their aid, but is not required to do so.

Article III: Knowledge

The Signatories agree to provide each other with any information they see fit to share, be it based on alliance activities, wars, or game knowledge.

Article IV: Ending the Accords

Should either alliance wish to remove themselves from the accords, a 72 hour notification period is required to be given before a public announcement and disbandment of this pact.


Signed for Brotherhood of the Clouds

Emperor: Bezzers
Viceroy: Utz
Minister of Internal Affairs: Dillon A McCann
Minister of Military Affairs: Utz
Minister of Economic Affairs: Josh Freer
Minister of Judicial Affairs: Kirito
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Anthony Crane

Signed for Ragnarok

Einherjar: Diomedes
Buolungr: Trajan
Viceroy of Culture: Dundren
Viceroy of Diplomacy: Alexio15
Viceroy of War: N/A
Viceroy of Commerce: Dundren

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