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No Endonezi Electric Company

NEEC LLC Logo of No Endonezi Electric Company

Type Limited Liability Corporation
Founded October 1, 1934
Headquartered Abitan, No Endonezi
Area Served Abitan, No Endonezi
Greater No Endonezi
CEO Fredric von Glismen
COO Patricia Kline
CFO Will Rodgers
Divisions Wind Farm Management Division,
Electric Invovations (E.I.)

No Endonezi Electric Company was founded after the forced nationalization of Pacific Electric by Karel IV in the aftermath of the revolution of No Endonezi. The company was nationalized because the revolution produced a monopoly on electricity by Pacific Electric which its owners were using to abuse both the newly formed government and the workers. After several years, the assets of Pacific Electric were divided, with most of the city of Arbitan electricity coming from the newly formed Abitan Power. While this devastated the residential and corporate market for the company, it still provides a majority of the power for the government and the agricultural sector.

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