Night Raid
Night Raid Flag
Flag of Night Raid
Founded February 20, 2016
Current form Active
Headquarters Unknown location
Commander-in-Chief Eva-Beatrice
Chief of staff Unknown
Active personnel Unknown
Domestic suppliers The Witch Council
Night Raid (ナイトレイド Naito Reidō) is one of the covert divisions of the Rokkenjima Armed Forces.


Night Raid's main function is to handle assassinations of targets abroad, and sometimes within Rokkenjima itself. The group is also tasked with gathering intelligence on foreign nations, which includes, but is not limited to, specific leaders, governments, and even citizens. They operate at night (hence the name) and are funded by the Witch Council. Night Raid is headquartered in a classified location in Rokkenjima.


Night Raid's first major job on Orbis came when it was ordered by the Witch Council to assassinate several military leaders of the nation of Arabia. This was fueled by Rokkenjima's desire to assist The Holy Britannian Empire in their invasion of Turkey without providing direct military aid. The assassinations were carried out overnight, with Night Raid returning home successful the next day.

Night Raid's second major job involved gathering intelligence on several gangs operating in the easternmost Åland Islands. After locating the headquarters of each gang, the group was ordered to assassinate all gang leaders and several of their members. With the success of the operation, crime had been eliminated completely in Rokkenjima, and allowed for expansion into the eastern Åland Islands with no issues.

Night Raid's latest job was to assist the Greater Meta Republic in combating Zodiac International insurgents running amok in the city of Seoul. However, due to the sheer amount of insurgents within the city, Night Raid was tasked with only eliminating around a third of them, at which point Seoul's police force could take over. Over a span of five days, Night Raid had assassinated 750 Zodiac insurgents, making this their largest operation to date.


The identities of Night Raid's members remains unknown. The amount of members in the group is also a mystery. Those who've caught glimpses of the group describe the use of "magical weapons", but their exact abilities remain unknown.

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