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Treaty Type: MDoAP Bloc
Treaty Signed: 28 July 2020
Treaty Status: Active

Nexus is a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression bloc between Carthago, House Stark and Order of the White Rose.


We the undersigned parties, united by our mutual PTSD from such endeavors and our good taste in memes, henceforth establish Nexus, to bring peace, freedom, justice and security to our new Bloc.

Article I. Friends who bank together, stay together. 

All signatories have the option to become Stakeholders within The Foundation bank, which will act as the primary banking service for all alliances in the Bloc, and by extension their members, under the benefits and terms provided to them by the Charter of the Foundation. 

Article 2: Your Jedi mind tricks don’t work on me.

Section 1: Supremacy

Should the treaty obligations of any Party come into direct conflict with their duties and responsibilities with regards to Nexus, their obligation to the Bloc shall always take precedence.

Section 2: Intelligence

The signatories agree to share any and all relevant political information among themselves, in a timely manner and as soon as reasonably possible. Failure to do so shall be discussed at the earliest opportunity.

Article 3: Do. Or do not. There is no try.

Section 1: Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression

An attack upon any Member of the bloc shall be regarded as an attack upon us all. Joint and coordinated offensives, be it political, military or covert action may be taken by any of the signatories as they so choose, Nexus shoots first.

Article 4: Initiation into the Bloc

The addition of a new alliance to Nexus is dependent upon unanimous agreement of all signatories. Expulsion from Nexus is also dependent upon unanimous agreement of all parties, save for the signatory under judgement.

Article 5: Serious Pledges

All member parties hereby agree to the following pledges, which are cornerstone to the Bloc and are valid effective immediately:

  • Daveth is legally not allowed to have migraines, of any sort.
  • House Stark is an independent kingdom within Westeros, and has no affiliation with the Six Kingdoms whatsoever.
  • Seen as Zygon is a turd, the signatories recognize that Zygon is the ruler of House Stark in name only.
  • Sval is the most Maleficent, Mendacious and Malicious of us all, being solely to blame as the mastermind of our misdeeds and those of OWR.
  • Carthago has the best tea and Krampus-made biscuits in the known world, the likes of which Rome deeply envies and desires.
  • [Classified]

Article 6: [Redacted]

Article 7: I’ve got a bad feeling about this...

Should any of the signatories be found wishing to absolve itself of its duties to Nexus, pledge allegiance to the Republic and serve democracy or seek out some other nonsense like the return of the Sith, they may do so in writing to other signatories, whereupon a period of 72h of final notice shall then follow, after which all obligations to the bloc shall be regarded as fulfilled and void.