Newspeak Agreement

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The British Empire
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Treaty Type: Protectorate Treaty
Treaty Signed: January 31, 2017
Treaty Terminated: March 8, 2017
Treaty Status: Defunct

The Newspeak Agreement is a Protectorate Treaty signed between Polaris and The British Empire on January 31, 2017.

Article I: Oldspeak

Polaris and tBE agree to share any intelligence and information with each other that is for the good of the other. Information shall be shared in private and in a confidential manner.

Article II: Thoughtcrime

Polaris and tBE agree to never fight or attack each other. All disputes will be handled politely in private.

Article III: Pax

Polaris will protect tBE and defend them in the case of raiders and acts of war. If Polaris is attacked, tBE will come to their aid if feasible and requested by Polaris.

Article IV: Upsub

Polaris and tBE agree to review this protectorate treaty every 2 months to see if anything needs adjusting or upgrading.

Article V: Goodthink

If for some reason either alliance wants to cancel the agreement, they must inform the other 48 hours in advance before making it public.


Signed for Polaris

Emperor – AlmightyGrub
Regent – EaTeM
Minister of Truth – Alexia
Minister of Peace – Kriegskoenig
Minister of Love – WsxPhoenix
Minister of Plenty – Dendarii

Signed for The British Empire

King Octavius
Lord Vex
Representative MacPherson

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