History Edit

New Syrian Order is well thriving pirate nation in the Middle East. At the time of me writing this their cities are damaged and they have been raided multiple times. After being abandoned by the Black Knights New Syrian Order has joined the alliance Weebunism in hope that it will revive their nation.

Why they are gone Edit

Sadly the whole of the Black Knights alliance have major mental problems and could not manage with the epicness of the owner and decided to ban The New Syrian Order and send people to raid them. [As of now this does not apply as they are planning on fixing their nation]

Flag Edit

Their flag consisted of 3 stripes and 2 stars. Top stripe was red the middle one white and the bottom one black. The stars were green

Leader Edit

The leader of The New Syrian Order was Bashar Al-Assad. As you can see in the picture he is very fashionable and handsome.

Life there Edit

The citizens of The New Syrian Older lived a nice Peaceful life under a dictatorship until the attack. In the resent days the attacks have stopped and citizens are trying to build their life back up from nothing.

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