New Lunarists believe that the universe was created by the 8 gods/godesses, who all reside - Teteyar-God of the night,Ides-God of Time,Lyfasis-Goddess of the seasons,Maxone-Goddess of wisdom,Seims-Evil god of earth,Uva-Goddess of the afterlife,Batia-Evil god of the day, and Usldir-Evil god of fire.

- We believe the moon is unreachable to the living, and that the moon landing was faked

-The phases of the moon represent which god/goddess has the most power at the time

New Moon-Teteyar

Waxing crescent-Ides

1st Quarter-Lyfasis

Waxing Gibbous-Maxone

Full Moon-Used to be Batia, but after being overthrown for tyraany, and forced to live on the sun the full moon marks time for celebration

Waning Gibbous-Seims

Third Quarter-Usldir

Waning Cresent-Uva

-A solar eclipse calls for celebartion as it means Batia has been defeated agian in an attempt to leave exile

-A lunar eclipse means that all of the gods are putting there power into the followers of New Lunarism and it is up to the New Lunarists to use the power well in the time alloted

-night is time for worship, day is time for working

-dreams are messages from the gods

-winter is the best season, and snow is a sign of good fourtune

-Despite there refusal to acknowlege any offical religion, Blood Moon is the greatest alliance in the eyes of the good gods and goddesses

-Antartica is the greatest place

-Redael is the greatest leader, and is the only one who can appiont new Lunarist preists  

Canadian Lunarism (also known less commonly as International Lunarism) is a slightly modifed version of Lunarism, but it follows the same basic principles 

Jerry Lunarism is another slightly modified branch of Lunarism with similar fundamentals  

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