This nation has disbanded.

New Germany
King Oskar
Emperor of The Akavir Empire
Basic Information
Founded January 4, 2015
Color Red
National Statistics
Government Type Autocracy Autocracy
Economy Socialist Socialist
Civilians 112474
Area 810 mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 138 people per mi²
Military Strength
Nation Rank 93
Score 130
Infantry 21000
Tanks 0
Aircraft 9
Ships 0
Nuclear Warheads 0
National Capital New Berlin
Other Cities New Bonn, New Hameln, New Hamburg

Introduction Edit

The Second Reich of New Germany is a nation led by King Oskar. The nation has the national religion of Christianity. The Second Reich resides in the alliance, The Akavir Empire.

History Edit

When New Germany was founded, the nation was tricked into joining ISAF, led by Ronald Reagan. Prince Oskar was quick to catch the deception and left just days after joining. "His Majesty" than spilled all of ISAF's secrets to a nation in Socialist International, ultimately leading to Reagan's defeat. After leaving ISAF, Prince Oskar created a new alliance, the German Reich. The alliance got off to a shaky start getting only two new members in it's first day. However, over a few weeks, the alliance grew and is now a top thirty alliance.

On March 23, 2015, tragedy struck. Prince Oskar was assasinated and the First Reich fell to the Communist Party. The Communist Party created a new Soviet State with Tsar Oskar as Emperor.

After a few months of economic glory as the Soviet State, Tsar Oskar disappeared under suspicious circumstances. The nation has since been in Anarchy and is the home of thousands of bounty hunters and assasins.

After around a month of anarchy, a Second Reich has risen.

Economy Edit

At the beginning of it's existence, New Germany relied on money gained by raiding other nations. However, since Prince Oskar inherited the throne, The Reich has not raided a single nation. New Germany now relies on money that comes from commerce and manufactured goods. The Reich takes pride in producing Lead and selling it to nations that do not have access to it.

Government Spending Edit

Since the Second Reich came to power, the spending looks like this.

20% Military

40% Infrastructure

15% Land

15% Citizen Buildings

10% Resource Manufacturing and Refining Resources

Ending Edit

The nation of New Germany was demolished after several nuclear bombs were dropped upon it, leading to it's demise. (OoC; the player deleted nation.

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