New California Republic

Flag of New California Republic

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Basic Details
Headquarters North America
Color Red
Status Defunct
NCR pressident Manfred Richthofen
Vice president Parsa
Congress member one Nicopeluso
Congress member two Peoples Republic of britain
Secretary of defense Klinshicov
Secretary of justice Vacant
Secretary of education Vacant
Secretary of foreign affairs Vacant
Total Nations 17
Score 9,610.29
Average Score 565.31
Alliance Rank #83 of 256 (35.32%)
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate Godfury
NAP Hollingsworth Maharlika United
NAP Ming Empire

The new California Alliance was a medium sized nation made up of 17 members that was founded on anti corruption values. In the most recent congressional election Nico Peluso and the The people's republic of britain were elected to congress.

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