Naval Ships (often shortened to just Ships) are used in naval battles both offensively and defensively, and can destroy considerable amounts of infrastructure. Ships are required for blockades, which cut your enemies' supply lines – a blockade may be achieved by an immense triumph on a naval battle. You need a drydock for every 5 ships, and can only produce one ship each drydock per day.

Cost, Upkeep and Required Resources Edit

Ships cost $50,000 and 30 steel per ship. They have a daily upkeep cost of $3,750 in peace time, while in war time they cost $5,625. By default, ships will arm themselves with any available munitions and gasoline. Any ships without gas or munitions will not participate in fighting. Two gasoline and 3 munitions are required for each ship for a single battle.

Ship Capacity Edit

Ships are supported by Drydocks which are military city improvements. Each Drydock can support a maximum of 5 Ships, and allows you to manufacture up to 1 Ship per day.

Population Support Edit

Maximum Ship capacity is also limited by a nation's population. Your maximum Ship count cannot exceed 0.01% of your nation's population, regardless of how many Drydocks you have.

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