Natsume Maemi

Natsume Maemi

Born Unknown
Title Witch of Illusions
Affiliation Witch Council, Witch Senate
Age 1,000+
Height 5'5"

Natsume Maemi (ナツメ まえみ Natsume Maemi) is a member of the Witch Council, the governing body of Rokkenjima.

She has lived for over 1,000 years, and during that time, earned the title of Witch of Illusions. Her power allows her to create the most complex, detailed, and outright confusing illusions possible. With most foes being unable to distinguish the illusion from reality, they essentially defeat themselves. This allows her to expend minimal energy to deliver the final blow. Maemi holds the rank of Voyager, which allows her to freely travel between kakera with ease. She is one of three Voyager witches in the Witch Council.


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