Overview Edit

The Nations API provides a listing of every nation that currently exists along with some basic information.

  • Nations are listed by rank from highest to lowest.
  • This api even minified is extremely large & has lengthy parse times.

Access URL Edit

There are a few restrictions that can be employed through the URL. These restrictions allow you to include Vacation Mode nations if you choose, set a minimum and/or maximum score threshold, and filter to a single alliance.

The Nations API can be accessed at these urls:


The Nations API can also be accessed through a combination of these flags, using the & operator to concatenate restrictions. Below is one example of all restrictions being employed, but it is not necessary to use all URL restrictions if you don't want to.


Returned JSONEdit

  • The Nations API is structured as an array 'Nations' with each array element being an object representing a single nation.
    "nations": [
        // a bunch of nations
            'nationid': 123224, 
            'nation': 'United States of Israel', 
            'leader': 'Obama Bin Laden', 
            'continent': 'North America', 
            'war_policy': 'Covert', 
            'color': 'gray', 
            'alliance': 'None', 
            'allianceid': 0, 
            'allianceposition': 0, 
            'cities': 1, 
            'infrastructure': 0.17, 
            'offensivewars': 0, 
            'defensivewars': 0, 
            'score': 0, 
            'rank': 12945, 
            'vacmode': 1419, 
            'minutessinceactive': 219385}
        // even more nations
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