The National State of Deegranto was a short-lived nation located in North America. It wass a fascist dictatorship ruled by Harold_Duighan. It is was a member of Camelot

The Great Campaign

Shortly after the founding of Deegranto, Harold_Duighan received mass recruitment messages from random alliances. Eventually, because of fears of being attacked, he picked one: Camelot. His nation got sent to Avalon Academy, a training alliance for Camelot. He was told he needed ten cities to graduate from this alliance into Camelot, and thus he set to build cities for his nation so it may achieve greatness! But soon he realized he needed money. So he decided that raiding nations was a good idea since he heard it gets your nation loads of money, so built up a massive military, and began invading and raiding like it was 1939! He called this the Great Campaign, as it was just a massive campaign of raiding other nations to achieve that great goal of joining Camelot. However, it only ended when Avalon was merged with Camelot, which meant that Deegranto was technically apart of Camelot, and when the wars stopped bringing in money. However, many wars were started in the time that it lasted. War With Armagstan

The National State of Deegranto decided to declare war on Armagstan on 4/3/2020, due to it needing to expand its influence. After the declaration they launched an air strike on Armagstan. At 2:19 AM, they launched a ground invasion, and looted $14,380.00. They continued to launch ground attacks and air raids throughout the war, and pillaged the cities. As the war continued,

War With Denverland

Only hours after the Deegranto-Armagstan War began, Deegranto declared war on the nation of Denverland. Immediatly, The Ground Regiment of Deegranto sent soldiers marching into Denverland, beginning the invasion of the nation. Deegranto only suffered 31 casualties in the invasion. After the invasion, Airstrikes of Denverland ensued. The war continued on as Deegranto continued air raids and ground attacks of Denverland. Finally, on 4/05/2020, at 5:10 p.m., General Harold Durham of the Ground Regiment, led a final offensive of Denverland on the city of Denverland Military, shortly afterward, Denverland capitulated.


After a large time of growth and economic prosperity, the success of the nation grew stagnant, and Harold_Duighan went on a two week hiatus from the public eye. After the hiatus ended and he came back, the country was in ruins from repeated raids on the nation. Eventually, his government decided that it was best to dissolve the government altogether. On 5/22/2020, the country was dissolved.

Successor Nation

On the same day, a short while after the dissolution of Deegranto, a new Libertarian Republic was established called the

Free State of Deeglandia, which aims to fix the problems that destroyed the former fascist dictatorship.
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