A National Project (often shortened to just a Project) is a massive nation improvement with huge costs and benefits. In total, there are 16 Projects that, depending on their nature, can boost your nation's military, production or income.

Each National Project needs a National Project slot to be built. Every 5,000 infrastructure of your nation unlocks such a slot, the same way that every 50 infrastructure in a city unlocks an improvement slot, i.e. you need to have 5k infrastructure to build your first project (nationally), 10k infrastructure to build your second one, etc.

Your projects will remain intact even if you lose the infrastructure that was necessary to build them, e.g. once your total infrastructure nationally drops from 5k infrastructure to 4.999k due to war, your National Projects slots will get to 0, but any Project you had already built will not be destroyed.

Once built, you can destroy a National Project but you will not receive any money or resources back.

You can only build a new National Project or City every 120 turns (10 days), unless you Reset the City/Project Timer by redeeming 4 Credits at "Donate" page.

When you select the Technological Advancement Domestic Policy  you receive a 5% discount on National Project costs (5% in both required Cash and Resources).

The National Projects Edit

Each one of the 16 National Projects can be classified to one of the following four National Projects types:

  • Income boosters: 2 National Projects focusing on your infrastructure-based economy. These are the Center for Civil Engineering project (reducing your infrastructure cost) and the International Trade Center (increasing the limit of the commerce to all of your cities from 100% to 115%).

Upcoming National ProjectsEdit

These projects have not been added to the main server and are currently being tested on the test server.


will be used to talk about the national projects and their exact effects.

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