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A National Project (often shortened to just a Project) is a massive nation improvement with huge costs and benefits. In total, there are 27 Projects that, depending on their nature, can boost your nation's military, production or income.

Each National Project needs a National Project slot to be built. Each nation has 1 free project slot. Every 5,000 infrastructure of your nation unlocks an additional slot, the same way that every 50 infrastructure in a city unlocks an improvement slot, i.e. you need to have 5k infrastructure to build your second project, 10k infrastructure to build your third project etc. Nations which have a total of 100 wars won/lost (combined) get 1 more project slot.

Your projects will remain intact even if you lose the infrastructure that was necessary to build them, e.g. once your total infrastructure nationally drops from 5k infrastructure to 4999 due to war, your National Projects slots will get to 0, but any Project you had already built will not be destroyed.

Once built, you can destroy a National Project but you will not receive any money or resources back.

You can only build a new National Project or City every 120 turns (10 days), unless you Reset the City/Project Timer by redeeming 4 Credits at "Donate" page.

When you select the Technological Advancement Domestic Policy  you receive a 5% discount on National Project costs (5% in both required Cash and Resources).

The National Projects

Each one of the 30 National Projects can be classified to one of the following nine National Projects types:

  • Pollution reducers: 2 National Projects that reduce pollution. These are the Green Technologies (decreases the pollution created from Manufacturing improvements by 25%, reduces pollution from Farms by 50%, increases the effectiveness of subways at reducing pollution by +25 and reduces resource production upkeep costs by 10%) and the Recycling Initiative (Each Recycling Center reduces +5 pollution (70 -> 75 each) and the maximum number of Recycling Centers per city increases from 3 to 4).
  • Disease reducer: 1 National Project that reduces disease. This is the Clinical Research Center (increases the disease reduction rate from Hospitals by 1% from 2.5% to 3.5% each and also allows you to build an additional Hospital in each city).
  • Crime reducer: 1 National Project that reduces crime. This is the Specialized Police Training Program (increases the crime reduction rate from Police Stations by 1% from 2.5% to 3.5% each and also allows you to build an additional Police Station in each city).
  • Land/Infrastructure cost reducers: 3 National Projects that reduce the cost of buying land or infrastructure. These are the Center for Civil Engineering project (reducing your infrastructure cost), the Arable Land Agency (reduces the cost of purchasing new land by 5%) and the Advanced Engineering Corps (reduces the cost of new land and infrastructure by 5%).
  • Commerce/Income boosters: 2 National Projects focusing on your infrastructure-based economy. These are the International Trade Center (increasing the limit of the commerce to all of your cities from 100% to 115%) and the Telecommunications Satellite (increases the Commerce rate in each city by 2%, and increases the maximum Commerce rate to 125% in all cities)
  • War boosters: 9 National Projects that increase your military capabilities. These are the Intelligence Agency project (boosting your espionage capabilities), the Propaganda Bureau project (increasing your recruitment rates), the Missile Launch Pad (enabling you to build Missiles), the Iron Dome (giving you a chance of shooting down enemy launched missiles), the Nuclear Research Facility (enabling you to build Nuclear Weapons), the Vital Defense System (giving you a chance of thwarting enemy nuclear attacks), the Space Program (allows your nation to construct up to 2 Missiles per day), the Spy Satellite (enables your nation to train an additional spy per day, increases the damages from successful espionage operations by 50% and decreases the cost of espionage operations by 20%) and the Pirate Economy (enables the nation to use an additional offensive war slot, thereby increasing the cap to 6 offensive wars)
  • Others: The Moon Landing (This project does not benefit your nation competitively).


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