Politics & War In Game Economy & Nation Tiering

Politics & War In Game Economy & Nation Tiering

Video by Sheepy Outlining Economic Tiering

Nation tiering is an important concept in Politics and War meta gameplay.

Economic TiersEdit

Economic tiers are an important part of gameplay strategy.

Raw Resource Producing NationsEdit

Typically small, new nations will produce raw resources and export them to make money. This is the first tier of the 3-tiered economic system.

Manufacturing NationsEdit

Manufacturing (sometimes known as refining) nations specialize in importing raw resources like Coal, Iron, Lead, Bauxite, and Oil and refining them into more advanced resources.

They export resources like Steel, Munitions, Aluminum, and Gasoline to larger nations.

Developed NationsEdit

Developed nations want to avoid domestic production of resources as much as possible. They like to import resources from small and medium sized nations for use. They earn money by focusing on their domestic economies and taxing their citizens.

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