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Nation Score is a point-based indication of how strong a nation is compared to all other nations. At the page of each nation, anyone can see the current Nations Score of the nation as well as the its change during the past month and its breakdown (see next session). It is related to three main mechanics:

  • Ranking: Score is the primary factor used to compare and rank nations against each other. The highest score nations and alliances are featured on the Leader boards page.
  • War Range: Another primary use of Score is to ensure that only similarly sized nations are able to declare war on each other. This prevents very large nations from picking on very small nations.
  • Treasures: Nations have to be within a specific range to have the chance of receiving a Treasure.

Score is determined by domestic and economic factors, such as the number of cities, projects and amount of infrastructure a nation has, as well as the number of military units it has.

Formulas can be found on the Nation Formulas Page.