Overview Edit

The Nation Military API provides information about every nation's military in the game, this is means the returned JSON is quite large

Access URL Edit

baseurl/nation-military/key={api key}

This API cannot function without an API key being passed through it, it can be found at the bottom of the account page on the website.

Returned JSON Edit

Below is the JSON for the request of:

    "nation_militaries": [
            'nation_id': 67724, 
            'vm_indicator': 99998128, 
            'score': 3741.00, 
            'soldiers': 22000, 
            'tanks': 3250, 
            'aircraft': 1620, 
            'ships': 20, 
            'missiles': 0, 
            'nukes': 35,
            'alliance': 'Example Alliance Here',
            'alliance_id': 123,
            'alliance_position': 3
        // more nations
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