Nihon Imperial Intelligence Agency (or often called NTCC, an abbreviation from Nihon Teikoku Chōsa Chō, literally means "Imperial Intelligence Agency of Nihon") is the imperial intelligence agency of Nihon. It is one of the main intelligence agency, along with BJK (Military Intelligence) and NTKK (internal security).

NTCC is responsible for intelligence collection, covert operations, and counterterrorism, as well global monitoring and counter-intelligence purposes.


NTCC was formed on [DATA EXPUNGED], on direct orders from [CLASSIFIED]. [CLASSIFIED] wanted an intelligence body to covert special operations and cooperate with the BJK and NTKK. The NTCC was also formed as a counter-part against enemy spy agents. 

However, the first agents, where are they formed, and the organization structures are unknown. It is only known that they made some special units based on the national colour. The purpose of each units are also unknown.


NTCC Agents don't have any uniforms. They use masks to hide their identities. Also, their specially-made cloak render them to be unnoticed by the surroundings. 

They also use a specially-manufactured vehicles in form of a baton, to cross any obstacles. Two of the vehicles are a glider, and a parachute. The glider, has an ability to move at (possibly) mach-2 speed, it is used to bring them anywhere they want. The parachute, however, is only used (possibly) for escaping.

They could be anywhere at anytime; there are almost none of terrains, or fortresses they cannot cross/go into. Reports of their special operations are always lasted no more than a week; they're able to fake any cases.

NTCC Agents are capable of almost everything, from turning off a nation's power grid to a destruction of a nation.

There have been some rumours about them watching the world's internet traffic.


Stealth Edit

Agents are able to walk unnoticed and hide from a pursuit. Their cloak is also made them invisible from any radar.

Master in All Martial Arts Edit

Agents are mastered in every form of martial arts.

Master in Swordmanship Edit

Agents are also mastered in swordmanship.

Blending Edit

Agents are able to blend themself in crowds or group of people. 

Enhanced Agility Edit

Agents are able to go from one motion to another effortlessly, effectively dodge attacks, swing from things easily, sprint, do back-flips and numerous other gymnastic, athletic and martial implements with little effort, as a result of their training.

Trivia Edit

  • NTCC was inspired from Assassins Brotherhood in Assassin's Creed and America's CIA.
  • NTCC armaments and protections are similar to props used in Tron : Legacy movie.
  • Bagworm Cloak has an ability to render its user to be invisible in both radar and sight. However, the cloak's function will be off if its user walks or run, and will show a light strips if its user is running.
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