This alliance has disbanded as of Unknown. (Note: Alliance no longer exists.)


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Flag of NOPETA

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Basic Details
Headquarters South America
Color Blue
Status Defunct
AlphaSupremeMinister Golen
Supreme Ministry: TBYSTAR, Thror
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate of Charming Friends

Nations of Planet Earth Treaty Alliance (NOPETA) is a small, young alliance with 4 members. It was founded by Emperor Golen.


Alpha Supreme Ministry

The Alpha Supreme Ministry is the highest rank in the alliance. Emperor Golen is the only Alpha Supreme Minister, and the rank of Alpha Supreme Ministry can only be reached if the current Alpha Supreme Minister resigns and assigns another to the job. The Alpha Supreme Minister can do anything he wants in the alliance.

Supreme Ministry

The Supreme Ministry can have a maximum of five members for the following positions:

  • S.M. Defense - In charge of the defense of the alliance; has ability to tell other members what to do when counter-attacking
  • S.M. Internal Affairs - Makes sure members of NOPETA don't break treaties; If member of NOPETA breaks treaty, S.M. Internal Affairs will contact other alliances and make sure everything stays peaceful
  • S.M. External Affairs - Creates/Dissolves/Modifies treaties with other alliances; makes sure treaties aren't broken in other alliances
  • S.M. Finance - Makes sure salaries are paid; makes sure nobody is abusing the bank
  • S.M. Intelligence - Gathers intelligence about hostile nations and alliances

Supreme Ministers receive $7500 per week, and must be active.

Local Ministry

Local Ministry are the lowest members of the alliance. They receive $1,000 per week.


oMDP: United Alliance of Nation States

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