NMSS Mizuchi is an advanced aircraft carrier of Nihon Imperial Naval Force/NINF. Mizuchi is one of the aircraft carriers NINF operated as of 2045.

Prior to the WWIII, the Mizuchi was the name given to a helicarrier. After a construction done

Construction Edit

Mizuchi was authorized by the imperial government as an amphibious aircraft carrier at November 20, 2044. It was previously a normal aircraft carrier owned by the national military, until it was modified by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, under "Order 13" from the emperor.

The construction began in October 24, 2043 and ended in August 6, 2044. The carrier was multiply tested until it was officially authorized in November 20.

The amount of active carriers as of June 2045, is 10.

Features Edit

Visible Features Edit

  • Four Lift Fans

It has four lift-fans capable of levitating the ship into the air.

  • Four Repulsor Engines

It has four repulsor engines to drive the ship.

  • Two Aircraft Runways

Each runways are capable of handling ready-to-launch 20 aircrafts.

  • Control Room

The TMSS Mizuchi has a control room inside the ship itself to control the entire system of the ship.

  • Cloaking Device

The ship can turn itself to be invisible to radars and sight. However, it is vulnerable to ground soldiers due to its loud engine noise.

  • Missiles

Not only it's an aircraft carrier, Its capable of bringing and launching missiles.

Engine Edit

The NMSS Mizuchi is powered by two nuclear reactors using Helium-3 as its fuel. Each engines are capable of generating enough steam to produce approximately 160 MW electricity supply plus 170,000 shaft horsepower per shaft (110 MW).

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