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Basic Details
Founded 2 June 2019
Color Brown
Status Disbanded
Discord Server Join Here
Fire Phoenix Veins
Ice Phoenix Dryad
Hydra of Memes MisterW0lfie
As of 10 Feb 2020
Total Nations 10
Score 15,424.08
Average Score 1,542.41
Alliance Rank #79
Active Blocs
Active Treaties

Mythic was a Brown colour sphere alliance which was founded on 2 June 2019. It was primarily a raiding alliance, that served as an Associate of Arrgh.

Mythic de facto disbanded in the month of May, 2020, when it was reduced down to a single inactive member.

In-game Description

Mythic, something far off and other worldly. Unseen by the masses but spoken of around every camp fire. One creature can make all the difference, but together we paint the colours of history in our brief interactions. Pray you spot us and we don't spot you. For every Knight that slew a Dragon, 10 were eaten. And Beige is just temporary for a Phoenix.

War History