History Edit

God of Mothaya
Basic Information
Founded April 26, 1986
Color Orange
National Statistics
Government Type Autocracy Autocracy
Social Policies Conservative Conservative
Economic Policies Left Left
Economy Socialist Socialist
Pollution 63 Points
Currency Orbis Note
GDP $421,980,319.90
Civilians 221,636
Area 3,000.00 sq. miles mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 73.88 people/sq. mi people per mi²
Military Strength
Military name The Mothayan Army
Nation Rank g
Score 204.76
Infantry 42,000
Tanks 535
Aircraft 16
Ships 0
Spies 0
Missiles 0
Nuclear Warheads 0
National Capital Chernobyl
Other Cities Slikobov, Cyrillic

The Barren Wasteland of Mothaya is a radiated, bleak nation that strives through the strict manner of the Mothman. It is stationed in Ukraine at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. This nation was founded April 26, 1986 by the Mothman, and has since grown outward from the power plant to the outer reaches of the wasteland surrounding it. No natural disasters have occurred since the creation of Mothaya.

Mothman Edit

The Mothman is a human-like creature that is 6 feet tall with 7-foot high wings. It is described to have eyes that glow red when light is shined onto them. Because the Mothman is very elusive, not much else is known about him. However, diary pages from a journal have been found, most likely written by the Mothman. These have been taken from the journal of Mothman, translated to English.

April 26, 1986,

Power plant has been successfully destroyed. Will now make this my new powerful nation. Already have vial of virus. Will infect many humans and make more mothmen. Once have mindless workers, will expand nation and take power upon many.


May 2, 1986,

Created Menial Obligation Terminal Hypothalamic Hamartoma, virus that creates mindless, loyal followers that oblige to. This effect is permanent and effects the body temperature, hunger, and thirst of victim. This will create super soldiers only loyal to. Dubbing it M.O.T.H.H. Am injecting M.O.T.H.H into moths. When the moth goes into the ear of a human, the moth will lay eggs, spreading the virus.


This journal reveals that the Mothman caused the Chernobyl disaster and created the virus known as M.O.T.H.H.

Menial Obligation Terminal Hypothalamic Hamartoma (M.O.T.H.H) Edit

M.O.T.H.H is a virus that turns humans into mothmen, a species similar to the Mothman himself. The ingredients of the virus are unknown, but the effects can be classified as a modification of the senses. The virus causes the victim to live forever and allows them to survive without water, food, or oxygen, while strengthening their muscles, bones, and skin. However, the victim succumbs to crippling headaches, which develops into a strange condition where the afflicted person is only loyal to the Mothman. The reason for these effects is unknown.

Geography Edit

Continent: Europe
Land Area: 9,656.04 sq. km
Terrain: The terrain of Mothaya is extremely flat. Vegetation there is limited to small blades of unwavering grass. Most of the land is covered in radiated dirt. Ravines and caves can be seen dotted throughout the land, and abandoned power plants can be spotted. There are cliffs and bluffs coming off of hills from the ground, most likely chipped away from deadly radiation. There are barely any structures and the entire wasteland is abandoned.
Highest Peak: Chernobyl Power Plant, 259 meters
Lowest Valley: Crazorka Ravine, -568 meters
Climate: Mothaya has a temperate continental climate with cold winters and warm summers. Mothaya's climates are influenced by the humid air from the Atlantic Ocean. Precipitation in Mothaya is non-existent due to radiation in the air.

People and Society Edit

Population: 221,636 people
Demonym: Mothayan
Demonym Plural: Mothayans
Ethnic Groups: Moth - 98.2%

Ukrainian - 1.6%
European - 0.2%

Languages: O#XXA - 99.1%

Ukrainian - 0.7%
English - 0.2%

Religions: Mothian - 98.9%

Atheist - 0.8%
Christian - 0.3%

Economy Edit

Description: This nation has it's own unique economy, in which miners collect rocks and precious ores to sell to builders, military and mothmen for free. Builders use iron ore to build upon currently standing power plants and create selling outposts and stations for various purposes. Coal is also given the bilders in charge of the power plants and create electricity. Lead is given to the military as material for the army. Other ores are given to mothmen. Anyone infected with the M.O.T.H.H virus does not need food or oxygen to survive, but food can help with strengthening residents.
Average Yearly Income: $68.91
GDP: $421,980,319.90
GDP per Capita: $1,903.92
Industries: Mothaya's class system corresponds to the jobs of residents. Miners are the lowest class. They mine in ravines or caves for many ores. These ores fund all of Mothaya's functions. Builders are the next highest class. They use ores to build structures, add on to structures, etc. Military is the next class. This includes all soldiers and commanders of the army that protect the nation. They almost never aggressively start a war. The next highest class is the mothmen, who serve Mothman in the highest regard. They act as servants to Mothman, political and economical subordinates, etc. Mothman is the highest "class", so to say, as only Mothman himself takes this title. He acts as the supreme ruler of Mothaya, and is responsible for almost all decisions there. He takes the role of Mothaya's founder and their god.

Military Edit

History: The military was the last class formed by Mothman, after the miners, mothmen, and builders. Formed shortly after the approach of 3,000 infected residents, the military uses advanced human weaponry and machinery, such as planes or tanks. Almost all of the army's tactics are adapted from human armies, but soldiers infected with M.O.T.H.H have much more strength and resilience, making them superior to most human soldiers.
Soldiers: 45,000
Tanks: 750
Aircraft: 18
Ships: 0
Missiles: 0
Nuclear Weapons: 0

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