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Mosquito War
Date 21 Sept - 12 Nov 2016
Casus belli Arrgh! and TKR raids on John X
Result Mosquitos surrenders and disbands
Preceded by
TEst-TFP War
Silent War
Succeeded by
Food Hoarding Investigation

Micronesia Flag.png

Arrgh Flag.png
The Knights Radiant Flag.png
The Knights Radiant

Support Black Knights Flag.png
Black Knights


Micronesia Flag.png John X

Arrgh Flag.png Ogaden
The Knights Radiant Flag.png Dalinar
Black Knights Flag.png LordStrum

1 nation
3,289 score
0 soldiers
0 tanks
0 aircraft
307 nations
385,000 score
27,495,000 soldiers
1,692,000 tanks
150,600 aircraft
Casualties and losses
$1.6bil in infra
Looted for a month
$700mil in infra

The Mosquito War was a conflict which began on 21 September 2016 when the one nation alliance of Mosquitoes was founded, recognized war with Arrgh! and The Knights Radiant, and declared war on one Arrgh nation and four TKR nations in retaliation for two Arrgh raids and one TKR raid on his nation. After the initial round of wars, the war has continued mostly as an insurgency against the Knights Radiant. Since its beginning, Mosquitos has fought 5 wars against Arrgh, 16 against the Knights Radiant, and 3 against unrelated raiders. It ended on November 11, when the Mosquitoes alliance was disbanded and John-X re-applied to the Order of Storms.


On September 21, Warpool and Tywin Lannister of Arrgh! began to raid the nation of John X of the Order of Storms alliance. Shortly thereafter John X left the Order of Storms and was subsequently declared on by Woot of the Knights Radiant while on none. Following this, John X declared war on Melisandre of Arrgh! and Optima, Sargun, Azaghul, and Jannyjohn of TKR. At the time of his recognition of war, John X was a 21 city nation with 65,159.10 infrastructure and had no military other than 23 nukes and 7 missiles.

Shortly afterwards, the Black Knights announced they would be entering the war in support of The Knights Radiant and Arrgh! although they could not declare wars at the time of their entry due to lack of slots.


During initial round of wars, John X detonated a nuclear weapon in each nation he declared upon. He was defeated by ground attacks and beiged by each of those he attacked. After leaving beige, he subsequently declared war on five additional members of The Knights Radiant and detonated a nuke on each one.

On October 4, after being beiged by the 5 TKR nations he declared upon, he was later raided by a Brotherhood of the Clouds nation and a Valyrian nation and continued with his crusade on TKR by declaring an additional 3 wars on TKR nations who he nuked and was later beiged again.

On October 15, TKR retaliated by declaring 3 wars on him while he in turn declared an additional war on them. Two of these wars ended in John X being beiged while the other 2 continued to air strike his nation until they expired.

On October 21, John X was raided by 2 Arrgh nations and a USRGC nation all of whom beiged him.

On October 28, he was once again declared on by 2 Arrgh nations and an additional Acadia nation and was beiged by each.

On November 5, he was declared on by 2 Valyria nations and a Lordaeron nation.

On November 12, John X surrenders and disbands Mosquitoes and re-applied to the Order of Storms.


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