Moog Suomfasse
Moog Suomfasse at his inauguration in 5ARF.
Political Information
Position: Prime Minister
Nation: Rekishstein
Inauguration: 5:15 ARF
Government: Rekish Government
Social Policies: Conservative
Economic Policies: Right

Moog Gevanterianulessiamaxemi Suomfasse is the current Prime Minister of Rekishstein.


Moog Gevanterianulessiamaxemi Suomfasse was born on October 13, 1953, in the village of Nulessia in the middle east. He attended a local school at which he graduated high school at age 18. He then got married to Nurgül Derya (now Nurgül Suomfasse, respectively) and had 2 children, Iakob Suomfasse and Marine Suomfasse. At age 32 he joined the Rekish revolution against the Xenonian Empire, taking his children and wife with him to the new camp on the island later known as part of the Democratic Republic of Rekishstein. He went back to the battlefront at which he met Cave Reki and befriended him. He also befriended the 2nd in Command General of the Rekish revolution, Markas Newsense. He fought in several battles, and watched many of his comrades killed as they faced the much more advanced and developed Xenonian Empire. He followed Markas Newsense after Cave Reki was killed to the island, and came up with the name Rekishstein (Stein means home in Rekish; Cave Reki, leader of the war before he was executed -> home of Reki = Rekishstein). After many years, after Rekishstein was much more developed, he went to law school in Rekishstein and became a member of the government. He quickly rose up the political ladder, and was elected Prime Minister of Rekishstein in 5 ARF. Irrelevant, he went to a flight school about a year after his inauguration.


  • Developed the name "Rekishstein"
  • Graduated Law School
  • Became Prime Minister of Rekishstein
  • Married Nurgul Derya

Physical DescriptionEdit

Moog Suomfasse is 6'1" (185.42 cm) and weighs 210 pounds (95.2 kilograms). He normally dresses in a suit and tie from the company Rekish Dux Verrin (translates to Rekish Delux Apparel), which he has an endorsement with.

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