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Monroe War on Piracy
Date January 10 - 24, 2016
Casus belli Arrgh! Raids on Smaller Alliances
Status TMR disbands; MDMA surrenders
Preceded by
Christmas Day Raid
Succeeded by
Rum War

Vatican City Flag.png
The Monroe Republic
Celestial Being Flag.png

Arrgh Flag.png
Odd Squad Flag.jpg
Odd Squad


Vatican City Flag.png Church Gourley
Celestial Being Flag.png PyroStat Surrendered

Arrgh Flag.png Jacob Hanson
Odd Squad Flag.jpg Katerina

Casualties and losses
Heavy Small

The Monroe War on Piracy was a small armed conflict between the alliances Arrgh and The Monroe Republic together with MDMA. Odd Squad announced their support for Arrgh and declared war on the alliances attacking them. The conflict never had a formal end but effectively ended when The Monroe Republic ceased to exist and the MDMA announced they were surrendering and no longer wished to fight.


The Monroe Republic was founded on January 5, 2016 by Church Gourley, who held a grudge against Arrgh due to conflicts with a previous alliance of his. Church Gourley attempted to gather foreign support to form a coalition to attack Arrgh. One of the alliances Gourley is known to have asked was Roz Wei, who shared this information with their associate Arrgh. MDMA was also asked to join this coalition but apparently under false information by Church Gourley. MDMA's true reason was because Arrgh has been constantly raiding their alliance and they wanted revenge. Church Gourley told MDMA leader PyroStat that The King's Parliament would also join the war on Piracy which was later denied by TKP.