Mistral is a Socialist Republic nation in North America led by King Grey Tory

Brief Timeline Edit

Mistral's first inhabitants found shelter from horrors of the plague in 1820 in the high cliffs they waited until the epidemic blew over, and after that they came to build towns and cities along the walls. The population grew and began to expand its territory by utilizing the land.

1821-Mistral didn't know they were in Canada so when they found out they were furious, with Muskets at the ready they fought for their own land in Canada. They were unstoppable resulting in the United Kingdom signing white peace and giving Mistral their land they fought for.

1825-1890-A great financial crisis swept over the nation lasting 65 years

1890-A new King, King Louis Tory took over and started a war against a nation called Cortis. He used the money to create more jobs and stabilize the economy and ended the Great Depression of Mistral

1892-King Louis decided Monarchy wasn't enough so he went with Communist Monarchy and established a extreme left policy.

1893-Mistral is at war again this time with the other Canadian free states that wanted to be free from England and wanted land.

1894- King Louis found himself going insane thinking everyone was plotting to go against him, but found a beauty named Juliette which stopped his insanity.

1895-King Louis and Juliette marry, making Juliette, Queen Juliette.

1896-Yet again Mistral found themselves at war with more free Canadian countries but end up coming out on top.

1897-1923- Nothing of importance happened.

1924-King Louis and Queen Juliette bring forth a child, an heir to the thrown. His name was Virgil Tory.

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