Missiles are infrastructure and improvement artillery units that can destroy more than 300 infrastructure (if available) and 1 improvement. Nations may have an unlimited number of missiles, but can only build one missile per day. Missiles can be stopped by the Iron Dome project, which has a 50% chance of stopping a missile.

Cost, Upkeep and Required Resources Edit

Missiles require the Missile Launch Pad project to build; the Missile Launch Pad requires $8,000,000, 1,000 steel, and 350 gasoline to construct. While they do not require munitions or gasoline to fire, each missile to be built requires $150,000, 100 aluminum, 75 munitions, and 75 gasoline. Missiles have a daily upkeep cost of $21,000 per day in peacetime and $31,500 per day in wartime.

Infrastructure Damage Edit

The amount of damage done by a Missile is dependent upon a number of factors.

The base formula for infrastructure damage is:

Infrastructure Destroyed = MAX( MIN( RAND(300, MAX(350, City's Population Density * 3)), City's Infrastructure * 0.3 + 100), 0)

Modifiers for War Type and War Policy are factored after the base calculation.

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