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Missile Danger War
Date 22-23 February 2015
Casus belli Ugos leak internal Arrgh communications alongside threats of destruction
Result Ugos disbands
Preceded by
Pirate Sort War
Succeeded by
Sid Meier's Pirate War
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Ugos Children

Arrgh Flag.png Ogaden

Placeholder Flag.png Joshua Granger

The Missile Danger War was a conflict that began on the 22 February 2015 when the Ugos Children announced leaked screenshots of Arrgh's internal communications. They announced the leak with title of 'MISSILE DANGER' due to one of the announcements mentioning Arrgh's plans to acquire missiles for their nations. This was at a time when missiles were rarer then the present day. This however, mostly led to ridicule for the Ugos, and Arrgh launched attacks on them in retaliation. After only a little over a day of fighting the Ugos Children collapsed and Arrgh ceased attacks.

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