Sexy Dank Leader
Political Information
Position: Ceszar
Nation: Polish Empire
Inauguration: 03/09/2017
Government: Dictatorship
Social Policies: Moderate
Economic Policies: Right
MinesomeMC is the leader of the Polish Empire and the alliance leader of Golden Phoenix Coalition.

Wars Edit

Alliances Edit

No. Alliance Position Date
1 Ragnarok High Gov (MA)
2 Golden Phoenix Coalition Leader
3 Vault 111 Leader
4 Ironborn Member
5 Dark Brotherhood Low Gov (FA)
6 Golden Phoenix Coalition Leader
7 Ragnarok Member
8 Golden Phoenix Coalition Leader
9 Steins;Gate High Gov (IA)
10 Camelot High Gov, Low Gov, Mid Gov (IA)
11 Ragnarok Leader
12 The Warsaw Pact Heir
13 Golden Phoenix Coaliton Leader

MA = Military affairs; FA= Foreign affairs; EA = Economic Affairs; IA = Internal Affairs

Awards Edit

Year Name Type Rank
2018 Most Hated Poster Award 1st
2018 Funniest Player Nomination 4th
2018 Best Player Sig Nomination 5th

Businesses Edit

Owned/Shares Edit

  • Seven Seas Corps
    • Pirate Island Times
    • Phoenix Design Studio
    • Lotto De Phoenix
    • Orbis AtWar League (Partnered with Shifty NN)
    • Orbis Pay
  • Legacy Credit Union
  • The Dragonic Finance Keep

Employed Edit

  • Shifty News Network
  • Orb Weekly
  • Mafuza

Former/Defunct Edit

  • Seven Seas Corps
    • Seven Seas Radio
    • Treasure Chest Credit Union
    • Phoenix Bank
  • Daveth's Art Studio
  • Manticore Bank
  • Royal Union Bank
  • Leviathan Bank
  • Orbis Bank
  • Azure Bank
  • Washington Bank
  • Thompson Post
  • The Orbis Awards
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