Sexy Dank Leader
Political Information
Position: Ceszar
Nation: Polish Empire
Inauguration: 03/09/2017
Government: Dictatorship
Social Policies: Moderate
Economic Policies: Right
MinesomeMC is the leader of the Polish Empire and the alliance leader of Golden Phoenix Coalition.

Wars Edit

Alliances Edit

No. Alliance Position Date
1 Ragnarok High Gov (MA)
2 Golden Phoenix Coalition Leader
3 Vault 111 Leader
4 Ironborn Member
5 Dark Brotherhood Low Gov (FA)
6 Golden Phoenix Coalition Leader
7 Ragnarok Member
8 Golden Phoenix Coalition Leader
9 Steins;Gate High Gov (IA)
10 Camelot High Gov, Low Gov, Mid Gov (IA)
11 Ragnarok Leader
12 The Warsaw Pact Heir
13 Golden Phoenix Coaliton Leader
14 The Manhattan Cartel Leader, High Gov (IA)
15 Brotherhood of the Clouds 3IC, High Gov (IA)
15.1 The Commonwealth member/applicant (for 1 hour)

MA = Military affairs; FA= Foreign affairs; EA = Economic Affairs; IA = Internal Affairs

Awards Edit

Year Name Type Rank
2018 Most Hated Poster Award 1st
2018 Funniest Player Nomination 4th
2018 Best Player Sig Nomination 5th

Businesses Edit

Owned/Shares Edit

  • Seven Seas Corps
    • Pirate Island Times
    • Phoenix Design Studio
    • Lotto De Phoenix
    • Orbis AtWar League (Partnered with Shifty NN)
    • Orbis Pay
  • Legacy Credit Union
  • The Dragonic Finance Keep

Employed Edit

  • Shifty News Network
  • Orb Weekly
  • Mafuza

Former/Defunct Edit

  • Seven Seas Corps
    • Seven Seas Radio
    • Treasure Chest Credit Union
    • Phoenix Bank
  • Daveth's Art Studio
  • Manticore Bank
  • Royal Union Bank
  • Leviathan Bank
  • Orbis Bank
  • Azure Bank
  • Washington Bank
  • Thompson Post
  • The Orbis Awards
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