Minesome's Madness
Part of the Alliance Wars
June 19, 2020 -
June 23, 2020
Casus belli
Agon hitting GPC members
GPC + allies Victory
NAP signed
Preceded by
Arrgh's Great Boogaloo
Succeeded by
Collapse in the Mines 2.0

Agon flag.png

5thGPC flag.png
Golden Phoenix Coalition

Support TKE Flag.png
The Kree Empire
KonoSuba Flag.png


Agon flag.png Deulos

5thGPC flag.png MinesomeMC
5thGPC flag.png Cazaron

TKE Flag.png Joseph V Stalin
KonoSuba Flag.png Chute Mi

Casualties and losses
Total: $132,509,485
GPC: $201,683,519

KonoSuba: $14,311,050
The Kree Empire: $5,700,663

Total: $221,695,232

*Agon faced lower casualties due to low infra and low war chest

Minesome's Madness is a conflict that erupted after Agon launched a small scale blitz on Golden Phoenix Coalition. GPC retaliated with counter hits. Some allies of GPC have also joined.


Agon has an ODP with Error 404.

GPC is protected by Church of Atom and has an MDoAP with The Coal Mines. It also has treaties with the Kree Empire and KonoSuba who have sent military support.


June 19, 2020

  • Agon blitzes GPC, no CB given

June 20, 2020

  • GPC, alongside The Kree Empire and Konosuba, retaliate with counters

June 23, 2020

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