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Basic Details
Color Maroon
Archduke Military Affairs
Camelot Abstract Flag.png Sweden Ball

Staff Military Affairs
Camelot Abstract Flag.png Foowee
Camelot Abstract Flag.png Jaspy
Camelot Abstract Flag.png Jdizzle
Camelot Abstract Flag.png TheUSA
Camelot Abstract Flag.png ruralwalrus
Camelot Abstract Flag.png YangCheng

Active Blocs
Active Treaties

The Military Command of Camelot is one of the largest and most important departments in the alliance. Successfully organizing our defenses in week long skirmishes and year long campaigns.


The military personnel of Camelot are divided into three tiers:

  1. The Archduke manages the department, creates policies and acts as the highest-ranking general in all military conflicts.
  2. The Duke assists the Archduke is the most proficient member of the department staff and assists in a managerial capacity ensuring that all policies are enacted.
  3. The Staff of Military Command are responsible for organizing the defenses of Camelot in dire circumstance and coordinating our attacks in glorious campaigns.

Retired Veterans of Military Command

Messi, Veins, Dryad, Uniment, Christian, Rayx, Avatar Patrick, BlackBird, Gravity, Guilo and George Patton.

Stripped of all Honors

Veins, Christian, Avatar Patrick and George Patton.


War Combatants Outcome Dates
Shadow's Rebuild War
Empire of Moonlit Sakura
Camelot Victory
Aug 19, 2018 -
Aug 21, 2018
The Knights Radiant, The Commonwealth, Guardian and Nova Riata
Camelot Victory
Oct 19, 2018 -
Feb 1, 2019
Ask Alexio
Bad Company, Animation Domination, Rough Riders and The Underground
Camelot Victory
Nov 17, 2018 -
Dec 19, 2018
Camelot's Insurgence
Argos, Paradox and the Hanseatic League
Camelot Victory
Dec 8, 2018 -
Dec 10, 2018
Where we Dropping Bois
The Isle
Camelot Victory
Feb 18, 2019 -
Mar 3, 2019
Knights Templar, The Golden Horde, Empyrea, The Knights Radiant, Soup Kitchen, Rose, North Point and Ming Empire.
White Peace
[Military Victory]
Jun 17, 2019 -
Feb 5, 2020

Part 2, Special Edition, Directors Cut, Extra 21-30 cities of content.

The Manhattan Cartel, North Point, Weebunism,The Immortals, Pantheon, The Commonwealth, The Lost Empire, The Federation, The Regiment, Farkistan,The United Armies.
White Peace
[Allies Disbanded]
Jan 6, 2020 -
Feb 5, 2020
Quack sphere
Oct 31, 2020 -

Shadow's Rebuild War

Shadow's Rebuild War, was Camelot's debut conflict against a self-proclaimed hegemonic bloc in the lower-tier, The Silk Road a collection of Vanguard and Syndisphere protectorates. This resulted in a complete military and political victory as The Silk Road was unwilling to defend it's members and Vanguard ultimately paid reps. Plotting on behalf of Vanguard (discovered by Camelot) to have Camelot's protectorate with the Black Knights cancelled and Typhon a paperless ally rolled resulted in the Avalon Bloc a temporary defensive treaty that expired before KnightFall when Typhon signed a protectorate with The Syndicate.


Camelot participated in a ancillary capacity to The Inquisition in their efforts against Easy Mode Coalition composed of The Knights Radiant, The Commonwealth, Guardian and a number of whale-tier alliances. At the time this was the longest war in Politics&War history, when it ended Camelot had the 8th highest net damage out of almost one hundred combatants [Alliances].

Ask Alexio

Camelot aided Oblivion and Goon Squad in a raid war against Bad Company, which had recently exited the Vanguard bloc. The reason for this exit soon came to light as Bad Company leaked The Inquisition's fake war plans designed to root out spies and enemies. The conflict was brought to an end when Cypher, one of Bad Company's Directors (leaders) stole the alliance bank and delivered it to the Black Knights who spent some of the funds before returning it.

Camelot's Insurgence

During late 2018, several alliances were formed that borrowed heavily from 'Cybernations' another nation-simulator, without any original members from these organizations. The Order of the Paradox, Argos and the Hanseatic league entered into hostilities against Camelot, all but the latter disbanding after two days of escalation. The Hanseatic League was granted a two week protectorate to recoup and find a protector, this turned out to be The Commonwealth.

Where Are We Dropping Bois?

Camelot and Goon Squad attacked The Island on behalf of Guardians of the Galaxy after TI produced an article deriding every alliance in the game for a variety of reasons. The Island did not resist politically or militarily after Bad Company and Rough Riders it's two Mutual Defense Pact partners refused to defend The Island against Camelot despite their numerical superiority and Camelot having no other supporters after political complications. After two weeks The Island disbanded and the members were not prosecuted nor any terms imposed.


Global War 14 had many different names associated with it as the largest and longest conflict in PnW History. However in the eyes of Camelot the entire conflict is placed under the umbrella 'Roqpocalypse' with the period before The Commonwealth's betrayal subtitled 'Endgame' for the sake of clarity.





Following Camelot's post-Roqpocalypse tradition of assigning its own names to wars this is hereby dubbed, '##'.

This war has so far involved two groups of belligerents, Quack Sphere and Hedgehog Coalition.

Quack Sphere was formed after The Syndicate and The Knights Radiant signed a treaty during Roqpocalypse to oppose the hegemonic force of Opus Dei. After the dissolution of Opus Dei and the subsequent deletion of all its architects and member alliances, Quack was now an exceedingly powerful super-bloc that directly controlled 30% of the game's nations and economy. This strength was only enhanced when post-war, The Golden Horde disbanded and the Knights Templar fell into a state of decline, these were two of the premier military alliances and many of their members flocked to The Syndicate and were given leadership positions.

Hedgehog Coalition is an unofficial and loosely allied faction composed of The Swamp Bloc, Hedgemony Bloc, The Commonwealth and Roselot Sphere (Centered around the treaty between Camelot and Rose). It was formed as a rushed response to Quack Sphere's militarization and stated intent to roll The Commonwealth and Hedgemoney. This would greatly disrupt the balance of powers and threatened the future security of every other sphere.

Despite initial bluster by Quack Sphere and a difficult first round, Hedgehog Coalition has now settled into military control.


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Past Military Commanders

Military Affairs Name Start Date End Date
First Messi August, 2018 2020
Second Vein 2019 2019
Third Dryad 2019 2019
Fourth Uniment 2019 2019
Fifth RandomDude 2019 2019
Sixth PatrickStar 2019 April, 2020
Seventh Guilo April, 2020 May 29, 2020
Eighth George Patton May 29, 2020 May, 2020
Nineth Sweden Ball September Incumbent