Basic Info Edit

The nation of Miko was created on 05/11/2020 and is currently part of the Weebunism alliance with a nation score of 1,386.46. At the time of writing this Miko has not been involved in any major conflicts except raiding a couple of countries. Also if you are planning on contacting the leader ([Horn]y#1938) remember that he is "extremely annoying".

As of now, his profile picture is a cat eating a wire with a pride flag on top. (Discord)

History Edit

Following the fall of the USSR Miko has been actively raiding small villages in the Pomeranian district of Poland. They had a 7 minute independence in June of 1999 but it was quickly stopped and the leader at the time (Roblox) was publicly executed in the Polish capital Warsaw. Miko was later revived in 2002 and committed one of the worst war crimes in modern day history killing over 2000 people at the Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport and was later recognized as a terrorist organisation by 132 countries including the USA, Russia and The United Kingdom. All of those countries didn't stop there, and raised over 500 million for Poland to slaughter every single one of Miko's supporters. Once again the leader (who was now Minecraft) was taken into Warsaw and publicly executed. Now in 2020 with the smart and clever leader Kitty Cat and just enough man power Miko was successful in breaking off from Poland and are now going in a good direction without murdering loads of innocent civilians. Their population has now gone over the huge million and the citizens are living nice peaceful lives.

Flag Edit

Miko's flag has 5 stripes which are blue at the bottom and top, pink more in the middle and white straight in the middle. This flag is also recognized as the trans flag.

Nation cover Edit

The nation cover shows one of the brutal attacks made by Miko on the Polish Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport in 2002 as a way to try to re-gain independence. Unfortunately this attack only made things worse and resulted in the liberation of Miko's Region and a bloody war with the Polish Armed Forces

Portrait Edit

The leader is literally Megumin from Konosuba

Ongoing wars Edit

Miko is currently in war with:

*Miko has nothing to do with Trans People

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