Microwarm War
Part of the Micro wars
Date April 29th - May 2nd
Casus belli Micro tier aggression
Status Concluded
Preceded by
Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Act

Co-Tin Flag
Trinidad and Tobago Flag
Imperial Metric Union
Germany Flag
Verein der Deutschen Staaten


Australia Flag
The Misfits

Global Union Flag
The Global Union


Co-Tin Flag Inion
Trinidad and Tobago Flag Tymoteusz
Trinidad and Tobago Flag Lolo

Australia Flag Snajr Dreki
Global Union Flag Russell

Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown
The Microwarm War was a minor conflict which broke out on April 29, 2018 when multiple alliances declared war on The Misfits. While the whole Clovis bloc had declared war on The Misfits only the Imperial Metric Union and Co-Tin took military action.

Background Edit

Co-Tin and The Misfits had both been at odds due to The Misfits raiding their members. Both sides began consolidating power over Micro-Tier in a sort of Cold War state.

The War Edit

The war began with the Imperial Metric Union prematurely ending their Non-Aggression Pact with The Misfits to attack them unexpectedly followed by Co-Tin declaring war on behalf of the Clovis bloc, however, The Global Union then declared war on Co-Tin in defense of their ally. The war was short lived as the Nordic Sea Raiders got involved and struck a deal forcing both sides to end the war.

Aftermath Edit

Eventually, The Misfits merged with Husaria to form The Jedi Order after sustaining significant damage from the war whilst The Global Union, which came out relatively unscathed by the conflict was couped by a mercenary funded by Co-Tin.
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