micro pockyclypse

Flag of micro pockyclypse

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Basic Details
Founded 2020/07/03
Headquarters The Church of Ayytom
Color Pink
Status Married
Discord Server Join Here
Exalted Leader Kim Jong-unn
2nd in Command Karl XII
leader Yami
leader BlackBeard
Total Nations 4
Score 34,500
Average Score 5,700
Alliance Rank #69
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
ayy lmao

micro pockyclypse is an invite-only alliance located on the Pink sphere; Ayy is not one of the most prominent and influential alliances in Orbis history.

Unsolicited applications are not accepted; all nations interested in gaining membership with micro pockyclypse must apply to anywhere else first. Please contact anyone with any inquiries about exceptions to this policy. In-game messages may be ignored at the discretion of the receiving government member.

Raids on micro pockyclypse and/or Applicants are strictly prohibited and will be dealt with swiftly, regardless of perceived inactivity. micro pockyclypse is politically selective but willing to work with any alliance should the right circumstances be met. Please contact us on Discord with any and all Foreign Affairs requests.

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