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The Meta Reckoning Calendar is the official calendar of the Meta Board

Years on this calendar are either denoted by BMR (Before Meta Reckoning) or MR (Meta Reckoning). 1 MR is the year in which the Meta Board settled on Orbis after drifting on the Sea of Fragments for over twenty-seven years.

The founding event of the Meta Board, the Battle of the Witch Senate, occurred on 5 October 27 BMR, which corresponds to the year 1986 AD

5 MR is the current year.

List of Nations that use this Calendar

Converting from Anno Domini to Meta Reckoning

For years 2012 AD or earlier: ADtoBMR.png

For years 2013 AD or later: ADtoMR.png

Converting from Meta Reckoning to Anno Domini

For years that are Before Meta Reckoning: BMRtoAD.png

For years that are in Meta Reckoning: MRtoAD.png