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Meta Patriotic War
Battlefield 3.jpg
Aenir's forces advancing toward Yasugrad on the 23rd
Date 23 — 25 April 2014 AD
(The year was 2 MR according to the Meta Reckoning calendar)
Casus belli None
Result Meta Board victory
Unconditional surrender of bEPU armed forces
Preceded by
Flight of the Testers
United Purple Nations Flag.png bEPU Meta Board Flag.png Meta Board
Also engaged:
Jomsburg Flag.png Jomsburg
Guardian Flag.jpg Abbastopia
Guardian Flag.jpg Kickass
Guardian Flag.jpg Pax Amestris
Guardian Flag.jpg America44
Green Protection Agency Flag.png Byzantine Empire
Georgia Flag.png Ophion
Seven Kingdoms Flag.jpeg Moridin
Seven Kingdoms Flag.jpeg The Reach

United Purple Nations Flag.png Aenir
Planeswalker of bEPU

Meta Board Flag.png Lambdadelta
Witch of Certainty

~5,000 soldiers
~13,500 tanks
~570 aircraft
No naval vessels

Irregulars & militia only

Third phase:
~1,000 soldiers
~1,000 tanks
~55 aircraft
No naval vessels
90,000 soldiers
3,600 tanks
162 aircraft
45 naval vessels

~85,000 soldiers
6,750 tanks
162 aircraft
45 naval vessels

Third phase:
As in counter-attack
Casualties and losses
100 soldiers
1,035 tanks
78,062 soldiers
1,023 tanks

The Meta Patriotic War was a war between the nations of bEPU (ruled by Planeswalker Aenir) and the Meta Board (ruled by Witch of Certainty Lambdadelta).

The war began on the 23rd of April 2014 (2 MR), when the forces of bEPU breached the Meta Board's borders in a surprise attack. The first battles of the war saw Aenir's military forces advance on the city of Yasugrad, inflicting two defeats on the forces of the Meta Board.

The Meta Board however, soon struck back, sailing its mighty navy to assist in the blockade of bEPU, alongside the forces of Jomsburg, Abbastopia, Kickass, Pax Amestris, America44 and the Byzantine Empire.

Later that day, the conflict expanded to include the nations of Ophion and Angband, with the Jomsburg and Angband fronts of the war closing rapidly. The forces of bEPU also launched another ground assault on the Meta Board, which was a moderate success.

By the end of the 23rd of April, the forces of bEPU had completely collapsed under the strain of dealing with the armed forces of so many nations, and so the Meta Board was able to begin its counter-attack, the first ground assault of which was an immense triumph.

The forces of the Meta Board marched triumphantly through the streets of bEPU's cities, avenging earlier humiliations at the hands of bEPU's vaunted tank divisions, now naught but memory. This assault was quickly followed up with the Meta Air Force quickly gaining air superiority over the nation of bEPU, alongside the other air forces of the anti-bEPU coalition.

Over the course of the 24th of April, the forces of the Meta Board continued to penetrate into bEPU, causing much damage and looting much wealth in retaliation for earlier losses at the hands of the Planeswalker's forces.

Later on the 24th, Planeswalker Aenir declared war on The Reach (ruled by Mikey) and his armed forces marshalled for a counter-attack on the Meta Board. This hastily prepared counter-attack was easily turned away by the Meta Armed Forces, who suffered only small casualties while destroying many enemy tanks. After this attack, the Meta counter-offensive continued undeterred.

Finally, on the 25th, the forces of the Meta Board breached the capital of bEPU and caused the unconditional surrender of Planeswalker Aenir and his nation of bEPU. The Meta Armed Forces looted many tons of supplies and materials, as well as significant cash reserves from the defeated nation before returning home to victory parades all over the Meta Board.